The Stereo Hearts

(A Fashionista in a Rock Band?!)


Anong mangyayari kung isa kang fashionista at ang dying request sayo ng pinsan mo ay sumali ka sa isang all-boys rugged rock band. Will you go or not? Lalo na kung ang frontman nito ay isang oh-so f*cking hot at ubod na self-conceited na lalake?

Download PDF File: The Stereo Hearts PDF

Download .txt Version: The Stereo Hearts.txt


Marrying the Boss

(Former Love+Peace=Happiness from Candy Corner Teen Talk)


Si Chaerin ay isang Personal Assistant ng 19-year-old uber rich hottie na si Jirou. Something “fishy” happened and boom! Kasalanan na!


Download PDF File: Marrying the Boss PDF

Download .txt Version: Marrying the Boss.txt


My Super Boyfriend 2: Keeping Up With You


A story about a gifted child and a “special” child. This revolves life that transcends late-adolescence, maturity, being true, love, everything! Mikko Shadows is a study partner to a self-proclaimed feebleminded girl Kayleigh De Guzman who is crushing on him since forever but shows disinterest towards him which make Shadows noticed her. Little did she know that this man is attracted to a woman who doesn’t show any likeness to him!

MSB2 - Cover

Download Volume 1 PDF File: My Super Boyfriend 2 PDF

Download Volume 2 PDF File: My Super Boyfriend 2-Volume 2 PDF File

Download Volume 1 .txt Version: My Syper Boyfriend 2.txt

Download Volume 2 .txt Version: My Super Boyfriend 2–Volume 2.txt

NOTE: No MS Word file available


Your Boyfriend Sucks


Suri Shadows is indeed in love with her boyfriend of more than a year, Cedric Gonzalvo — an architect in the making who’s got everything: fame, money, looks and a hotshot body! She’s a believer of a word called ‘forever’ but was destroyed when she caught him cheating with someone else! Then came Paris Fujiwara, a laid-back, butthole Law student who’s much interested in roaming around the Graduate School’s premises rather than studying about Criminal Laws and Bills et cetera which helped her to flop down and make his ex regret big time! In addition, there’s Lyle Ortega, her Masters professor and was her long-time crush on her middle school days, which is now asking her out for a date. Now, what to do?


Download PDF File: Your Boyfriend Sucks PDF

Download .txt File: Your Boyfriend Sucks.txt


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