Know Me

Hi dearies this is Toneewritestragedies.

  I created this site to move out from the crazy world of Wattpad where most of them are getting gaga over gangsters, K-Pop stars, arranged marriages and the likes, so let’s get going! I started writing since sixth grade with a folklore and fairy tale themed stories. I was in second year high school when I got interest in writing puppy love stories up until now. I go by the name of sQuirreL_tObee on TeenTalk at since college and moved into Wattpad as toneewritestragedies come on third year.

I graduated Broadcast Communication from Polytechnic University of the Philippines and a proud Iskolar ng Bayan and now currently working as a Collections Specialist from a British Media Company for already a year so bear with me if I rarely update some of my stories.

It’s a bit weird that my DOWNLOAD stories page are on the HOME page but who cares? Alam kong yun naman ang una niyong pinupuntahan diba? lol

I love my crafty craps so I do hope you also love them!

Cheers everyone! xx

tonee ❤


10 thoughts on “Know Me

  1. I am your new reader, and I like your stories! I’ve been downloading them lately. I like your unhappy endings, too, because you show how reality works, too.

  2. anneyeong 😀 what is your true name po? we need it kase ehh, cause we decided to use ur story “my super boyfriend” in our project then meron po kasing About the Author so were really really hoping na ok lang po sa inyu yun.. thank you 🙂

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