Hi lovelies ❤ ! Thank you for visiting my website. This means a lot to me. My best gratitude to you guys who’ve read my stuffs on Wattpad — either one shots, short stories, novellas and novels! I’ll be moving the categories page by page for easy navigation and downloads! Great, right?

To those who have difficulties in downloading my stories, I’ll be posting series of screenshots below on how you can easily download them!

NOTE: I’ll be deleting the MS Word versions for privacy purposes

STEP #1: Just pick your desired story to download and document form and click it.



STEP #2: You will be routed to a different webpage ( and click ‘download’. You’ll just need to wait for a few secs and voila! You have successfully downloaded the story!SS2


STEP #3: This one’s optional, guys! HAHA. For me to keep a track of the awesome lovelies who dared to have a copy of my crappy (lol) stuffs, just click the one with a heart shape below and ‘say thanks’ to me! 😛